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Displays for petrol stations



Regardless of the development of electronics and IT industry, traditional human needs do not change much. The impact on the development of the situation is noticeable in everything: children's toys are increasingly robotic, home appliances are automated, fixed cars are more powerful and economical at the same time.

Every day, the number of cars on public roads and even though modern cars consume 15-20% less energy (fuel) than 10 years ago to combine consumption and use anyway. As long as people don't learn how to transfer forces in the air, to a car with an internal combustion engine or an electric engine, everyone must be forced to refuel in specially equipped gas stations or charging stations.

The evolution of the gas station from a simple gas station to full-fledged financial companies led to a significant increase in the range of visits. At the gas station appeared grocery stores, car parts, full-fledged cafes. Added service centers such as car washes.
The offer of people without a car or motorcycle is increasingly using gas station services as a convenient full place of sale and services.

Advertising at service stations is the simplest, most widespread and most active for the target group. Advertising at stations differs primarily from services like advertising with an absolutely clear target group.

Seven news on our website, they contain descriptions of electronics designed and implemented by our team. Among them, soon a modern Digital Signage system for petrol stations and more.