Digital Signage For Fuel Stations



The petrol station develops its brand and offers non-fuel products and services. Considerable emphasis is placed on offering a gastronomic offer, including selling hot dogs and coffee. Optionally, it is considered that the petrol station has a car wash, diagnostic station, exchange office, trailer rentals, etc. The station has a group of regular customers, there are also customers who refuel occasionally (without being attached to a given station)


Creating an instrument that will effectively motivate customers to purchase at the station, take advantage of the gastronomic offer.
Inviting customers to be active and loyal.
Informing about future promotions.
An additional source of income by acquiring advertisers.
Availability for every petrol station.



Extending the basic capabilities of the fuel dispenser by designing the Outdoor Digital Signage system with 12.1 inch displays with IPS technology. Connected displays form a common network.

It is probably the first and only system in the world that does not require a separate server and hundreds of meters of cables. In practice, this means the installation of the system for the entire station will take approx. 30-50 minutes, and unlike the competition systems, the installation does not generate any costs.

In the Digital Signage Woltium Move X12 system, communication, synchronization, and content upload are performed wirelessly.
The content management system gives a wide range of possibilities and its operation is intuitively simple.
The display is mounted at each refueling station, and the customer spends about 2-3 minutes at the station. The display at the dispenser is a more effective sales tool than the display in the station building or right at the entrance.


Technical parameters:

Size 12.1 inches
Matrix type: IPS
1024x768 resolution
Proportion: 4: 3
Tightness class: IP65
Working temperature -30 +80 (° C)