SMT and THT assembly

SMT (SMD) i THT assembly of electronics

Specialization of Woltium is complex and professional assembly of SMD electronics in Poland, which is carried out on the basis of mounting documentation provided by the Client. In our work we use two technicians of electronic components' mounting on the printed circuit board — surface mounting (or SMD mounting) also through-hole mounting in openings (THT assembly). Our standard is PCB assembly with lead-free technology (Lead-Free), however there is a possibility of order implementation with lead technology of component mounting at the request of the client.


Meeting requirements of the modern electronic market we can design the printed circuit board according to technical specification of the Customer thanks to what the Client can have the unque system or the device.


We are engaged in contract manufacturing also we create devices which in terms of functionality and type of use will be completely adapted to requirements of the Customer. We are based on own practices in our activity which we implement in your projects connected with automation and industrial electronics. At developing devices we consider many factors, trying to make the final project cheaper at further starting to mass production.



Our Opportunities

Initial sphere of our activity is production of prototype, short and middle series. Our technical capabilities allow to carry out automatic SMD mounting of passive components in buildings 0402 and also integrated circuits in casings QFP, PLCC, QFN and BGA. If necessary at small batches we offer manual mounting of printed circuit boards using the specialized equipment and the fulfilled technologies, which allow to achieve necessary quality of process with observance of all necessary technological parameters. Thanks to ours to elastic approach we use flexible and innovative approach, thanks to what we can implement in short terms projects of the increased complexity in the field of assembly of electronics or mechanics. Your order is executed by us completely individually and with the maximum attention to details, and at the same time we provide the attractive prices and timeliness of the carried-out arrangements.

Our additional opportunities

The order of printed circuit boards (one-sided, double-sided, multilayer, with use of additional technologies: flexible, with the core, on non-standard substrates, with controlled impedance). We can realize in our laboratory very qualitative prototypes of printed circuit boards on laminate 0.4-3.2 mm thick, the minimum width of the tracks made by photochemical methods is 0.15 mm, distance between tracks is not less than 0.15 mm (for a serial series of 0.2 mm, distance of 0.2 mm)

  • modification of modules (dismantling of components, mounting others according to the list)

  • assembly of devices; (connection 2 and more printed circuit boards by means of special fastening)

  • assembly set printed circuit boards to cases

  • production of templates for soldering paste

  • purchase components for assembly

  • delivery of modules after assembly 24 hours



We provide

Respectively short terms of implementation

  • Execution of call-off orders and delivery products in lots with financial charge only for the sent batch

  • Constant quality (class 2, according to the conforming IPC standard)

  • The prolonged payment term up to 30 days for regular customers

  • Storage of electronics (careful attitude to the components subject to moisture influence, vacuum packaging unused (remained) components and maintenance of humidity at the programmed level, exact calculation and time control which components, sensitive to moisture, are outside of safe warehouse).

  • Full communicate during the project (technical support 6 days in a week from 7:00 till 20:00)

  • Low prices (installation of the fixed price list for assembly gives you more exact assessment of production expenses)


The instructions which are contained in normative IP6 A610 standard are applied throughout all production cycle of SMD components' mounting. However, finally, the client defines criteria of acceptability. In case of the conflict the following priority criteria are applied:

1. Arrangements between the client and contractor,

2. The samples of drawings or the standard ready module sent by the client

3. IPC A610 standard


  • We guarantee full confidentiality of the information provided. We do not charge an additional fee for the preparation of programs, creation of our internal documentation or eventual resumption of production.