Touch panels

Production of touchpads according to order

One of our profiles of work is design, development and implementation of control touchpads. These systems are designed, that could meet all requirements of your field of activity. Our team places big emphasis on reliability of produced systems electronic, putting them to serious tests for viability in the conditions of the raised electromagnetic noise pollution, ultralow or high temperatures, high humidity, concentration of industrial dust in air.

Available materials and modern technologies give the chance to develop a unique solution, which will ideally be entered to the concept of your enterprise or institution. It is possible to use for the case of sensor system:


• stainless steel;

• aluminum;

• plastic;

• wood


• PC

• PC PMMA composite

• glass


The important role is given to visual stylizationof touchboards. There the work begins with preliminary research designs, the analysis of the similar devices presented at the market (if such already exist), preferences of the customer. In process of development of the concept the first sketches appear, on the basis of the selected options photorealistic images in the 2D/3D format with different color-impressive solutions are created.

Except of production touchpads the Woltium company is engaged also in software development. We are ready to develop software intended for many different fields of activity: public institutions, restaurants, banks, shopping centers and shops, policlinics, motor shows and many other.

Our customers possess the complete information about intermediate results at all stages of the project.


How production of touchpads (buttons) to order is carried out?


1. You send us the sketch of future control panel or describe what is necessary for you.

2. Our painters create the initial sketch taking into account your wishes. The sketch will be coordinated after introduction of necessary changes and completions.

3. The prototype, where all technical details and the device reflect, is created. At this moment we present to you technical possibilities of prototype (and in the future the ready device). Such project also needs approval.

4. Production of design documentation. At this stage we can produce the first batch of touchpads, that you could test our product in actual practice and be convinced that your idea was embodied truly.

5. Production of batch of sensor systems.


We regularly work on improvement the technology of design and production technology of our products, that also positively influences on reduction of time, which will be required for the embodiment of your idea to the finished working product. Today technological process allows to make very small batches 1-10 pieces with small financial cost intensity without spending for NRE (Non-Reccuring Engineering or tooling — payments, which demand some companies for preparation of production lines for production of your products).

For all our products and the software the guarantee is provided. Also we carry out post-guarantee maintenance.


How to order the touchpad in Poland?

To get more information about of the Woltium company, you call us by number +48 500 700 171 or write to

Our team will quickly answer your questions and consult under this subject.